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Tenant Services

Paying Your Rent

Rent is due in full by the 1st of each and every month. At Downtown Commons, we welcome the following methods of payment from all of our tenants:

  • Pre-authorized debit from your bank account – Our preferred method of payment
  • Post-dated cheques – Write us a cheque and we’ll cash it on the date you tell us
  • Cheque or money order – Must be received by our office on or before the 1st
  • EIA – You may elect to have your rent paid to us directly (Preferred)

Security Deposits

Downtown Commons requires all tenants to pay a security deposit at the beginning of their tenancy. The amount of the deposit is half of one month’s rent. The security deposit is then held by us for the term of your tenancy and is returned to you with interest, provided the rental suite is in the same condition when you move out as it was when you moved in.

While we hold your security deposit during your tenancy we are required by law to record and accrue interest on it. The interest rate used in this calculation is prescribed by the Residential Tenancies Act.


Security Deposit Refund Process

When you move out you will complete a walk-though of your suite with our facilities operations staff and sign a Move Out Condition Report. This is then compared to the Move In Condition Report and is used to determine what, if any, claim there is against your security deposit. Normal “wear and tear” throughout the tenancy is expected and would not result in a claim against your deposit.

If there is no claim against your deposit we will refund to you the amount of your original deposit plus the accrued interest within 14 days of the end of your tenancy. However, if there is a claim against your security deposit, we will refund any remaining balance plus accrued interest to you within 28 days of the end of your tenancy.

It is very important that you contact the Tenant Living office to leave us with your forwarding address so that we can mail your deposit refund to you. If you do not make arrangements to pick it up or leave a forwarding address for us to mail to, your deposit will be forwarded to the Residential Tenancies Branch, as required by law.

Suite Inspections

Move In: A suite inspection will be conducted with a Downtown Commons staff and yourself before your move-in. Staff will fill in a Condition Report and note the condition of the unit and any repairs that are required. Downtown Commons will use this report to inspect your suite when you leave.

Move-Out: A pre-suite inspection will be conducted prior to the final walk through when vacating the suite. Downtown Commons will use the Condition Report to compare the state of the suite since your move-in. You will be responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

The Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement

The standard residential tenancy agreement, or lease agreement, is the legal agreement all of our approved applicants enter into when they become tenants with Downtown Commons. The lease agreement outlines all of the terms and conditions of the tenancy in addition to specifically identifying the following:

  • The tenant(s) authorized to reside in the rental unit,
  • The term or duration of the lease,
  • The amount of the security deposit being taken and,
  • The total amount due on the 1st of each month for rent and amenities

The lease, in addition to outlining the above noted items, also references Downtown Commons Rules and Regulations. As a tenant with Downtown Commons, and for the safety and consideration of your fellow tenants, you are required to adhere to, and follow the rules and regulations as they are set out.

Tenant Responsibilities

As a tenant with Downtown Commons it is your responsibility to keep your home safe and clean. This includes leaving the common areas, such as hallways, laundry rooms and grounds, clean for other tenants as well. In addition, the Residential Tenancies Act sets out the tenant’s responsibilities as follows:

  • To pay the full amount of your rent on time each month
  • To follow the landlord’s Policy, Rules and Regulations
  • To keep your suite and building clean
  • To take reasonable care not to cause any damage to the landlord’s property
  • To ensure you and your guests do not disturb other tenants in the building
  • To make sure you or your guests do not endanger the safety of others
  • To live up to the tenancy agreement and abide by the Residential Tenancies Act

Landlord Responsibilities

As your landlord, Downtown Commons has a responsibility to you, the tenant, to ensure our property is kept safe and secure and continually maintained. We take this responsibility seriously, not only because we are required to by law, but because we want our tenants to be proud of their homes and maintain a high quality of life while with us. We firmly believe the state of our properties has a direct link to that level of quality.

As your landlord, we also have the following responsibilities as set out by the Residential Tenancies Act:

  • To provide a receipt when rent is paid in cash or pre-authorized payment
  • To maintain the appearance of the rental unit in proper condition, considering the length of the tenancy
  • To complete required repairs and to keep the suite in good condition
  • To pay the utility bills for all essential services that are included in your rent (ie. Heat, Hydro, Water)
  • To not interfere with the supply of essential services
  • To allow a tenant to enjoy the use of the rental unit and the residential complex for residential purposes
  • To investigate and address complaints of disturbance or safety concerns as soon as possible
  • To provide and maintain sufficient doors and locks to ensure the reasonable safety of the rental unit
  • To live up to the tenancy agreements entered into and the Residential Tenancies Act

Safety and Security of our Property

Downtown Commons works continually to ensure that the property is the safest, most secure and well maintained. We understand that your family’s safety and well -being is your primary concern. It is ours too!

The surveillance system will allow us to monitor the building, investigate complaints and incidents, and to assist the authorities in solving crimes making our neighborhoods safer places to live!

Intercom system will allow you to let your visitors into the building from your suite. Do not let strangers in. When people buzz your home, make sure you know and trust them before you let them in. Intruders often buzz all the suites in a building until they convince someone to let them into the building.

Fob access key system will allow you to enter the building, common spaces and your suite only. If you have lost your Fob please contact Building Operations immediately at 204-293-8571. If it is after business hours please contact Campus Security at 204-786-9272. Building Operations and Campus Security will only grant access to tenants who are on the Tenant Registry List and will require proper identification.

Please read the Fob and Key policy for additional information of tenant Fob and key responsibilities.

Maintenance and Repairs

What to do if you have Maintenance Issues

If you have a maintenance issue please access the Resident Portal and complete a request for maintenance. For instructions on how to register please go to the Resident Portal Instructions.

If there has been property damage or injury, Building Operations will complete an incident report with you so that we have an account of the incident.

Preventative Maintenance

Downtown Commons is committed to providing safe housing for its tenants. Therefore, Building Operations staff from time-to-time may need to conduct repairs and preventative maintenance in your suite to ensure it remains healthy and safe. Building Operations will make every effort to minimize the disruption while repairs and preventative maintenance are underway.

Management will conduct a comprehensive suite inspection annually. The key purpose of suite inspections is to maintain the properties condition and identify any health and safety concerns. Inspections will identify any necessary repairs or replacements that have not been reported or those that are the result of unexpected wear and tear.

Please Note:

Maintenance requests are meant for non-emergency maintenance and should be made through the Resident Portal.

Emergency Procedures

What is an Emergency?

Emergencies are defined as:

  • Fire, Medical or Police Emergency: Call 9-1-1


Call Downtown Commons Building Operations for the following emergencies:

  • Flood, leaking pipes, roof leak, sewer back up
  • No heat
  • Elevator not working
  • Building security serious compromised


Power failure:

  • Call Manitoba Hydro at 204-480-5900


No Water:

  • Call City of Winnipeg at 311


Non-Emergency Situations:

The following situations should be dealt with during regular business hours by calling the office:

  • Objects dropped down the elevator shaft
  • Parking passes needed
  • Car parked in your assigned parking stall
  • Lost Fobs or Key
  • Moving in or out
  • Intercom changes
  • Vehicle ticketed
  • Vehicle towed (call local Bylaw enforcement)
  • Administrative requests


Call Police at your local non-emergency number at 204-986-6222.

  • If you have problems with unruly tenants or visitors
  • If your vehicle is broken into or vandalized.


In Case of Fire

You will find fire safety and evacuation information on each floor by the elevator. If you require assistance evacuating the building please contact Building Operations to have you name and suite number added to the Emergency Needs Assistance List.

Make sure you know at least 2 ways out of the building in case one escape route is blocked by fire. Plan and practice these escape routes with your household members so everyone knows how to exit the building safely.

If you hear the fire alarm you should ALWAYS LEAVE the building right away. Follow your fire escape plan. If a fire breaks out in your suite, EVACUATE to safety, activate the fire alarm, and call the fire department.

We will inspect all smoke alarms annually. Do not remove or disable the smoke alarm – this is illegal.

Only use a fire extinguisher if you have been trained. If you want to learn how to use a fire extinguisher, you can phone your local fire department.


In Case of Flood or Major Water Leak

Call Building Operations office immediately. After regular business hours call 204-293-8571.


In Case of No Heat

Call Building Operations office immediately. After regular business hours call 204-293-8571.